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Building, Becoming and Belonging with Yeti Farms

In an educational interview with Mr. Todd Ramsey, myself alongside my classmates learned many valuable lessons about the animation industry and the wonderful company, Yeti Farms. Join me below to learn more...

Founded in 2007, Yeti Farms quickly grew into Canada's leading animation studio creating 2D as well as CG animations. The company is known for its renowned ability to exceed expectation, consistently producing high quality, creative, and brilliant animation.

Todd Ramsay, Owner & Chief Creative Officer at Yeti Farms, discussed the importance of animation as a background for all career paths in the field. Whether it be storyboard artist, background artist, directing, and more, animation is the key to success in it all.

I further learned about the family environment of Yeti Farms, always striving to fill their halls with vibrant and diverse artists, all coming together to create magic. This is exactly the kind of environment I strive to one day work in, and Todd helped me to see that.

To conclude this discussion, I would like to express the admiration I hold for Yeti Farms as well as Mr. Todd Ramsey for contributing to my education of the animation industry.

Yeti Farms' Projects:

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Ashley Grunow 

2D Animator and Digital Artist
Interior Designer (ADID)

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