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My path to Animation...

A few months back, I found myself driving home lost in thought about the day passed. I reflected on the great recognition I had received for my projects, and I thought about how successful in my Interior Design career everyone perceived me to be. But as I drove in the quiet starlit night, I did not feel successful. In fact, I felt as if I has lost myself in a decisions that others had made for me.

Throughout my life I have only ever known one thing-I want to be an artist. But for a while my life was not in my control, and that decision was taken away from me. Everyday that passed, I could feel my dreams slipping away, and I desperately tried to accept my new reality.

As I was deep in my train of thought, a song started playing that I felt every word deep in my soul. I felt the magic, and the inspiration I used to follow; It was feeling I get when I am creating art. With that, my childhood dreams of becoming an artist were reignited, and this time I would not let them slip away.

I know that many would think it is ridiculous that a simple song uprooted my entire life, but in that moment, I felt more than I had in my entire time as being perceived as successful. I felt wonder, and inspiration, and I will chase that feeling for the rest of my life.

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Ashley Grunow 

2D Animator and Digital Artist
Interior Designer (ADID)

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